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Rejuvenating Peptide Masque 50mls

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Suitable for all skin types, with the convenience of a crème, there is no need to wait for the masque to dry. Allow the peptides to “talk” to your cells and tell them how to function correctly again, whilst repairing damaged skin, and reducing the signs of ageing. Allow the masque to absorb deep within the skin for maximum benefits. Remove with warm flannel. Tone. Hydrate..

Another one of Jordella's products that has the 100% money back guarantee. As every product does. Suits all skin types.

Actives: Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Silk Peptide, Hibiscus Flower extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Marine Collagen, Beta Glucan, Ginseng, Helichrysum Botanical Extract.

Due to the ingredients from suppliers may change, please see packaging for complete ingredients list.

Benefits: the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst improving collagen and skin hydration - contains matrikines - peptide molecules that facilitate cutaneous restructuring and repair by activating the genes involved in the process of inter cellular matrix renewal and cell proliferation. Through this activity, the matrikines effectively restructure and smooth the surface and deeper layers of the skin, which results in a drastic reduction of the depth, density and surface area of wrinkles. Whilst producing significant and scientifically proven anti-wrinkle benefits, has also been shown to improve skin tone and elasticity. Increases the biosynthesis of collagen producing genes; Collagen I and Collagen III, which are important because they are responsible for the extensive connective tissue that is found in the skin.


SKU11REJ-3550.  Product is sold in airless pump with clear cap - 50mls - 100% money back guarantee.  Do not use if pregnant / breastfeeding.