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Organic Sweet Honey Remedy Lotion

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A pure blend of anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant & healing oils combined with Certified Organic Aloe Vera gel & Raw Bush honey ensures that acne, eczema, psoriasis & abrasions heal quickly. Our Sweet Honey Remedy Lt is excellent for the elderly thinning skin. My Dad at 95 years old, rubs his legs and arms with the lotion and the improvement has been astonishing. If you love the elderly, get one for them now !!

Visible signs of improvement are noticed when used on face for acne and topical skin conditions. Its just astonishing at the time of healing of surgery stitches/scars.

Excellent for cuts, bruising and abrasions. If you are not completely happy with our Sweet Honey Remedy Lotion, tell me, if you are happy with it, tell someone else!

Pump pack 100mls - also backed with Jordella's 100% satisfaction.


Do not use if pregnant and or breastfeeding