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NIGHT Serum                         30mls

Transform and renew your skin with our Night Serum, packed with Vitamins that will enhance cell barrier function. Allow the product to condition the skin and assist in repair. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps the skin, married with a light fresh aroma, all while you sleep.

Please only use at night after cleansing, apply to the face, neck and décolletage, follow with your choice of hydrator / moisturiser as desired.

Additional information: Jordella Skincare has an abundance of packaging, so to move this on, we are creating an array of products that will be in our clearance sale collection for your enjoyment. This particular packaging has cracking on the lid, nothing to worry about, product is perfect.. 

Actives: Encapsulated Vitamin A - cell communicating and antioxidant helps skin cells create better, healthier skin cells, perfect ingredient for your night time regime. Vitamin B5 – Hydrated and repairs. Vitamin B3 – potent cell communicating ingredients that offers multiple benefits for aging skin, can improve skin’s elasticity and enhance barrier function, helps with uneven skin tone. Helps with wrinkles, fine lines. Vitamin B5 – is a fabo humectant because of its ability to attract and hold moisture, improves skin barrier function and helps the cells that create collagen. Hyaluronic Acid help the skin to plump and adds volume and fullness, moisture holding ingredient. Despite the intimidating name of Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP Co-polymer which is very safe ingredient and used for its indicated uses in skincare and cosmetic formulations. It is non-irritating and doesn’t cause sensitization issues, great news for sensitive skin types. It is important to keep in mind that despite its low likelihood of irritation, like any ingredient, some people may be allergic to this ingredient. However, it provides a fresh and light skin feel to the formulation without making the formula tacky or sticky, very smooth, velvety feel ensuring you receive the benefits of your skincare evenly across the skin.

Benefits: Repair - Rejuvenate - Cell Communication – Hydrate , Night Serum helps to build Collagen; is a very light and easy to use serum at night prior to Nourishing Night Cream or another of our fabulous hydrators – Do not use this product throughout the daylight hours and be in the sun as this is a Night Cream due to the Vitamin A in product.


Product is sold in an airless pump style container. Hold the container and twist the top to the left, the pump will rise, ready for you to pump product onto your fingertips then apply to face neck and décolletage - 30mls - 100% money back guarantee.

Do not use if pregnant / breastfeeding. Keep away from eyes. If irritation occurs, use twice a week and build up to every night. You may find it to be a little sticky, that’s ok, its just the Hyaluronic Acid doing its magic.

Due to the ingredients from suppliers may change, please see individual product packaging for complete ingredients list.