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Organic Bush Honey Calendula Lip Balm

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An excellent lip balm & barrier protector, based on our unique & famous Bush Honey Calendula Ointment formula. A must have for the traveller, sports enthusiasts, camper, bike rider, or school child or everyone, where taking a large jar would be not possible, the Organic Lip Balm in a convenient wind-up tube is definitely for you.

Anti-itch, anti-irritants & anti-inflammatory extracts enable this lip balm to heal small wounds with minimal scarring, it may help to alleviate itchiness. Is safe to be used on animals for cuts, scrapes or skin irritations. A must have for every first aid kit.

Actives: Certified Organic oils of Tamanu, Sunflower and Extracts of Calendula, Portulaca and Marshmallow Root and the extraordinary healing Essential oils of Niaouli, Cajeput, Thyme and Helichrysum. Magic Beeswax and Irresistible Honey.

Benefits: On cold winter days or when the winds are severe or those hot balmy days when the weather can dry you up like a prune, and your lips just feel like they are going to crack, this is a must have and very convenient lip balm for you to use. Easy to use as an anti-itch for mossy bites, or split finger tips.


Product is sold in a convenient windup tube with cap. Please do not leave in sun as this is a high percentage Beeswax product and will melt.

Suitable for everyone, however do not use if pregnant / breastfeeding.

Due to the ingredients from suppliers may change, please see individual product packaging for complete ingredients list.

If wanting to purchase more than 20 please phone Coll or Stella, on 0405 770 990 and ask for a special price or email with your inquiry.