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Nourishing Night Cream with Vitamin A SOLD OUT


Replenish lost moisture and rejuvenate the skin cells with our very nourishing Night Cream. Only use at night due to the high percentages of Vitamin A, Collagen, Q10, & Hyaluronic acid which are all clinically proven ingredients. Penetrates deep within the skin while you sleep. Suits all skin types especially mature skin.

Actives: Vitamin A - cell communicating and antioxidant helps skin cells create better, healthier skin cells, perfect ingredient for your night time regime. Gotu Kola which contains Asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassic acid which stimulates collagen synthesis, Gotu Kola is a key element in skin repair. Marine Collagen - protein, amino acid, anti ageing, anti inflammatory, helps to protect the collagen in the skin. Peptides and Amino acids such as Silk Amino Acid contains alanine, glycine and serine, which are sighted as the protein stimulants in our skin and hair.

Due to the ingredients from suppliers may change, please see packaging for complete ingredients list.

Benefits: Repair - Rejuvenate - Cell Communication - Rich but not heavy cream used only at night, while you sleep its working on dry, mature, tight/dry/flaky and itchy skin conditions. Do not use this product and go outside. It is a Night Cream.

SKU04PM - 3297 Product is sold in a Pump Bottle which has a stopper that must be removed prior to using, this stopper is so that you can carry in your bag without it pouring out everywhere - 50mls


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Nourishing Night Cream with Vitamin A SOLD OUT

Nourishing Night Cream with Vitamin A SOLD OUT