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My New Little Secret...

by Nahdene Black |

Hello Jordella Lovers!!

So now we are up to blog number two, one more that l thought l would ever write…..

My self-love has continued amazingly and l have amplified it with a little secret that I now added added to my fly by the seat of my pantskincare routine, regime or dictatorship (depends on if you’re a glass half full or half empty kinda person!! Personally, mine is a kinda over flowing whirlpool).My persistence, perseverance and practice is paying off.

This week alone l have gone to the loo twice by myself, cleansed, toned and moisturised 6 morning out of 7, washed my hair and managed to use the charcoal to detoxify mask once and that’s all in peak time (School holidays) woot-woot! Winning! Any way back to the new top-secret additive l was talking to you about……. 

Powder to Clay mask, I’m in love with these little pocket rockets. A simple easy to use mask. I throw a preciously measured amount of water in the pot and mix ( more correctly, my almost three year old turns the tap on and off for me while the pre hormonal tween stares at me asking “why are you doing that mum and will it help with MY pimples and isn’t that too trendy for you mum??” as l have just found out l am ancient and Taylor Swift is now really old coz she is 30.)Soooo, once you have that precise amount of water mixed in, slap the well combined mixture all over your face, let it dry,rinse and throw the container in the recycle bin. Yep that’s right, straight in the recycle bin.

This mask left my skin with a gloriously clean feeling, l felt like l had 30year old Taylor Swift skin again it was sublime. This new Jordella mask had just the right amounts of clay and charcoal so that you don’t end up looking like one of the dehydrated shriveled Disney step mother but more like a youthful glistening Disney princess. 

Whats even better is the price, I can afford to do one every week and maybe share some with the ever so pimple conscious tween, who right now has a little chin full of puss pockets that l have to use all my will power not pop …….


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