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Hey Jordella LOVERS!

by Nahdene Black |

Hey there Jordella lovers!!

So l just had to put together this quick little bitty as l discovered something….

Standing in my bathroom last night in a mental and emotional haze after a long day with the three year old who has discovered the words why and wait, and constantly  picks up the unintelligent furball of a cat around its fluffy little neck(picture below), putting it in the dolls pram with a 500 year old hand knitted  blanket because its “my baby!”. l remembered l was given a sample of the new Vitamin C  serum that’s about to hit our shop, as l was so desperate for any kind of something that would make the day finish on a positive note. Jordella do not test on animals so here l was the tired lioness with the sample to test out, or do we test on animals lol. Sorry my mind just stared to wonder in the wrong direction there......

 As you would know from my past blogs I’m still giving my very best “hi ho” to my daily skincare ritual and its still not easy. What is easier is to put the mismatched floor dwelling pjs on, burring my face in the feather pillow that whispers my name like a long lost lover every day, and pretending that my day is done. But l have promised “my self love” ritual come hell or high water.

Back to my obscure bathroom revelation. This sample of new Vitamin C serum was already on my finger tips when l reached out and added my Rejuvenating Silk Peptide Mask and before my brain could even register what l was doing l had two products splashed lovingly all over my finger tips. Now, usually that would be a huge OCD NOOOOOOOOO for me but l was that exhausted there was a shrug of the shoulders, a sigh, a rub together of the finger tips and apply.

Now instantly awake, “Did I make a balls up of this?” l thought to myself, trusted with a new sample and this is how l treat it, how do l know if its working, how do l know if it amazing, the thoughts just kept going. Any way after enough self-doubt, I remembered l had done this before with our end of line Queen Bee oil and the Blackcurrant Hydrator and that was a combination to remember with is sweet smell and smoothness. But this new combination l had just created superseded that one tenfold. Oh my Lordy, Lordy. Want a complete hydration kick to the face with the added bonus of a leave on masque? Well this is what this combination will do, the serum provides that intense hydration and essential repair qualities while the masque seals all the goodness and adds an extra layer of perfecting goodness all in while you slumber, toss and turn, or get up and down a million times a night to the teething baby, the thirsty toddler or the tough 11 year old boy who is having a bad dream.  

Here’s how l try to explain this feeling for you, firstly as you start to rub this combo into the skin you feel the exceptional silky smoothness followed by a flora aroma. Then all of a sudden, the amount you were delicately massaging to in has disappeared. Yep, like magic, your skin just absorbs it all. I was left in a little shock and felt like l had been cheated as there was no real massaging of my face, but l should be grateful I told myself as this meant less time in the bathroom and more time with my feather pillow lover, who would be sent in to a spin with the floral aroma that would now fill every vane of his feather stuffing.

Now when we launch this new Vitamin C serum be sure l will make sure l announce it from the highest hill tops. Stay tuned……


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