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A little bit of self LOVE

by Nahdene Black |

Ok beautiful organic skincare loving fans!!


I have been informed that l am now meant to write blogs. However I have never written more that a three line email that positively denoted my feelings about the way my day is progressing……..oh well l lie just a little, but l do promise l have never written anything like this ever, ever, ever.

So I am going to be open to any topics that you may wish for me to cover over this experiment called “blogging”.  I thought l would kick off this basic beginning with a little bit of info into the secret skincare regime of the busy mum aka MEEEEE.

Busy mum you say, oh l hear you girlfriend. Can’t go to the loo by yourself let alone find time to cleans, tone, moisturise and brush your teeth twice daily. I’m your go to girl for this… I have 4 kiddos ranging in age from pre hormonal 12-year-old to a spawn of Hellboy 1 year old. Ladies its tough but if you don’t look after you, no one else is going too. I have just been realising this of late, when one morning I’m in the bathroom brushing the 2.5 year old’s teeth to discover more wrinkles on my face than l remembered being there last night or was that 5 months ago, when l last actually looked in the mirror??!! I don’t know, but l have always believed in looking after my skin and once number 4 came along, my self love time kind of got devoured by everyone else’s needs and wants and my face stared too look like it had been tread over repetitively by size 7 pink flashing unicorn gumboots or a beastly remote controlled 4x4 rock crawler. What ever it was that had taken my glowing youth l had now needed to fix and post haste.  

My plan was to try, come hell or high water, to cleanse and moisturize at least once a day, with the ultimate sticky curled up ends gold star award to cleanse tone and moisturize twice daily.  So, l got myself a little “go to” station set up in the bathroom with everything in it. My Vitamin C & Coconut cleanser as its awesome to just pump and go, Green Coffee Antioxidant mist as the coffee boost is what all us mum's need, and lastly the Blackcurrant hydrator as l have pores that were born to secret oil even at the tender age of 41,  l find this one perfect for day or night use. I also threw in a large bunch of cotton rounds and my toothbrush and toothpaste for good measure too. l still have the mouth wash on hand too in case l just run out of time coz everyone has their boy eyes on or our invisible pedigree show dog stole or ate  their socks or school hat.

I am proud to announce l am 6 weeks into my mammoth self challenge and doing myself proud, I don’t always achieve twice daily cleansing but l do achieve one and on the days l miss my night time treatment l cheat. Yep l cheap big time, I use a warm flannel to clean of the days gunk and grime, slap on an international freight liner load of the Rejuvenating Peptide masque and sleep in it. Oh my God this stuff is like sex in a bottle with multiple orgasms for your face. I wake up the next morning to welcome my puffy eyes to another jumbo super-duper day and guess what?? There gone, no where to be found, like our invisible pedigree show dog. l wake up looking like a Greek goddess of sin, well that’s a lie too, but hell l look like l have slept the night through rather than the 23 up and downs l really had to a teething baby.

With my routine now set in place l have time now to teach my pre-pubescent tween of the importance of self love and perhaps the beginning of a special relationship with skincare. I know my 2.5 year old loves to get in on the cleansing and moisturising part, bubbles and cream paint wink, wink. With her trying out Jordella skincare products I know they will not harm her precious perfect porcelain skin as there are no nasties in any of the products.


So ladies l challenge you to a bit of self love………..


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